DVA Claims, Veterans Health & ADF Transition Medicals FAQ

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Q. How much does AVHS charge?
A. AVHS does not charge the Veteran. AVHS charges either DVA or Medicare depending on the Veterans’ circumstances. All Veterans’ Medical Services are Bulk-Billed (except for CASA/FAA Aviation Medicals).

Q. Other companies take a percentage of my compensation. Does AVHS do this?
A. AVHS do not take any DVA compensation payments from any Veteran.

Q. Other companies make Veterans sign contracts so that these companies own the Veteran’s Medical Records. Does AVHS do this?
A. A Veteran’s Medical Record is the property of the Veteran. AVHS have no ownership over a Veteran’s Medical Record.

Q. Other companies do not have insurance over the advice that they provide. What insurance does AVHS have?
A. AVHS is fully insured and credentialed as required by the Medical Board of Australia.

Q. Other companies say that only legal representatives can manage DVA Claims. Is this true?
A. This is not true. AVHS are appropriately qualified medical professionals that have many years’ experience with both the ADF Medical System and DVA system. AVHS also has a visiting lawyer that can be consulted if required.

Q. Does AVHS link or engage with Advocates?
A. Yes, AVHS has links with many advocacy organisations. You can view our partnerships page to see our linkages.

Q. I’ve already engaged another organisation to assist with my claims. What should I do?
A. Inform this organisation that you are switching to a different provider and seek legal advice on how to nullify the contract. Expect significant resistance from an organisation that stands to lose a significant cut of your compensation.

Q. How many doctors does AVHS employ?
A. AVHS currently has three (3) Medical Officers, all fully qualified and registered with AHPRA and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners or the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine.

Q. I live overseas. Can AVHS assist in my circumstances?
A. Yes. AVHS is able to provide consultations and assistance with DVA Claims for overseas and remote-based Veterans.

Q. I live outside of Queensland. Can AVHS assist me?
A. Yes. AVHS can do most of the DVA Claims remotely and/or via Telehealth. AVHS currently have regular Outreach clinics to Townsville and Canberra, with more locations to follow.

Q. What’s the best advice I can receive prior to engaging an organisation to assist me with my claims?
A. Please ask the organisation the following questions;

  • How much of my compensation will you be taking off me, and will this also include a portion of any pension I receive?
  • What insurance provisions do you have?
  • Who will own my Medical Records?
  • Where are you registered and based? If not registered/based in Australia, then why not?
  • What are the legal and/or medical qualifications of your employees?

Q. What do I need to bring to my appointment with AVHS?
A. The USB from DVA, your Record Of Service (ROS) and a list of DVA claims already submitted.

Q. What days are AVHS available to discuss my needs?
A. The AVHS offices are staffed Monday to Friday but for more specific availability please email: contact@avhs.com.au

Q. Does AVHS offer GP services?
A. Although GP services are outside the scope of AVHS, we will connect you with a GP after engaging our Veteran services.