FAA & CASA Pilot Medicals – Aviation Medical Examiners

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FAA & CASA pilot medicals are through AVHS aviation medical examiners who provide medical certificates for flying in Australia and overseas.

CASA Medicals

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) is a government body that regulates Australian aviation safety, with the licensing of pilots being one of CASA’s roles.

Pilots must hold a current medical certificate to exercise the privileges of their licence.

Different classes of medical certificate reflect the licence type and what can be done under that licence.

Class 1 to 3 medical certificate information is available here.

To initiate a CASA pilot medical please visit www.casa.gov.au and log into the aviation medicine section as a pilot and provide your ARN (Aviation Reference Number).

Upon contacting AVHS, our staff can check the items you need for your upcoming medical, including ECG, audiogram, fasting bloods or any other requirements.

FAA Medicals

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is the United States government body that regulates US aviation safety. One of its key roles is licensing airmen through its Aviation Medical Examination programme.

The classes of medical required are different to those in Australia and are listed in the following link.

Please go to MedXpress and obtain a confirmation number for your FAA medical.

If this is the first time you are completing and submitting an FAA Form there is this user guide.

Although the FAA does not require blood tests or audiograms routinely, ECG’s are required for Class 1 FAA medicals at 35, 40 and then annually.

Pilot Medical Pricing

FAA only = $500
CASA only = $500
FAA and CASA combined = $600
ECG tracing (if required) = $100

What to bring to your aviation medical?

  • Photo ID – Driver’s license or passport
  • Glasses including those for reading or distance vision
  • Contact lenses and the solution required to remove them
  • Medical history including pathology, radiology, and specialist reports where relevant

Should you require a blood test please fast beforehand.

Aviation Medical Examiners – AVHS Doctors

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Dr Andrew Cronin

Flight Lieutenant (Retd)

Dr Andrew Cronin is a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (Australia) and also for the Federal Aviation Administration (USA).

He has a background in aeromedical retrievals, general practice anaesthesia and occupational medicine.

Dr Andrew has worked in rural and remote Queensland for the Royal Flying Doctor Service providing primary health care and aeromedical retrieval services to communities as remote as Birdsville and Thargomindah in Western Queensland.

To view Dr Andrew’s complete profile please view the doctor’s page here.

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Dr Steven Smith

Former ADF Civilian Contracted Medical Officer

Dr Steve Smith as able to conduct CASA medicals only.

Dr Steve Smith graduated in 1992 with MBBS and commenced work at Toowoomba Base Hospital.
Employed by Queensland Health as Medical Officer and Medical Superintendent at St George and Dirranbandi Hospitals until 1997, Dr Steve then moved into Indigenous Health, running the Goondir Aboriginal Medical Centre and General Practice in St George from 1998 until 2001.

To view Dr Steve’s complete profile please view the doctor’s page here.